(Customer Relationship Management)

  • Unlimited Accounts: Manage unlimited customers and job sites per customer
    • Contact Information: Record all customer contract information
    • Account Notes: Record free-form notes on every account
    • Custom Fields: Create custom information fields
    • AttachmentsAttach pictures, docs, & spreadsheets to any account
    • Duplicate Detection: When creating a contact, get notified if a duplicate account exists
    • Notifications: Pop-up notifications for account actions
    • Mail Merge: seamlessly merge customers into your email account
  • Job Evaluation: Track customers satisfaction & job fulfilment
  • Referral Tracking: Track marketing activity
  • Customer Facing Online Account: Allow customers to have an account on your platform
    • Account History: Customers can go through their account history
    • Account Reporting: Let your customers run and create their own reports
    • Online Payments: Give your customers the ability to pay their invoices online