Multi-Level Security

  • Multi-Level Access: Our database incorporates a sophisticated, customizable, multi-level password system for locking out specific features of the program at each individual computer
    • Hide financial information
    • Restrict access to specific areas or tasks
    • Prohibit changes to specific areas
    • Require mandatory fields to be filled in
    • Transparently monitor and log user session activity
  • Maximum Security: We use 256-bit SSL encryption to secure the connection between the user and our servers
  • Secure Storage Facilities: All our servers are stored in secure facilities within Canada that are monitored 24/7. Each server facility is securely managed and has only restricted access to registered staff. These facilities run redundant ISP, redundant power, and state of the art fire suppression and cooling systems.
  • Database Backup: Our database includes a built-in automated backup and restore tool for further safeguarding your data