GO Health Features

All the features you’ve ever wanted in clinic management software – but easier.

All the features and functionality you love, but no longer does it have to be complicated. GO Health Clinic Management Software has all your scheduling, invoicing, documentation, and reporting in one place and always up to date.


Our easy to use drag and drop scheduling allows your clinic to book anything in just one screen. As one of the most widely used features, we’ve spent countless hours making sure that scheduling appointments, equipment, examination rooms, and events meetings is as quick as possible.

Billing and Invoicing

GO Health has made sure to make invoicing as easy as possible with integrated credit card processing, and two-click invoicing! Pair that with GO Health’s tried and tested billing workflows, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.


GO Health (and our clientele) is happy to boast that we are an industry leader in reporting! The feature is robust, with over 110 premade reports, but we promise you’re only three clicks away from accessing the reports that matter the most to you and your clinic.

Patient Portal

Finally, a patient booking system created with the end user in mind: your patients! The patient portal allows your clinic to offer the ability for patients to book their own appointments. It also allows you to share documents and engage with your clients on a regular basis.

Don’t want your patients to book their own appointments? No problem! We understand and we’ll turn off the online booking module, but you can still communicate with your patients through the patient portal.

Patient Profiles

Always make sure that you’re up to date with your patients with our extensive patient profiles. Contact, demographic, insurance, and referral information is all stored in their profile. This allows for an organized, easy to navigate, complete knowledge base for each of your patients.


We’ve built a fully integrated electronic medical records right into GO Health. Create notes, evaluations, and progress plans, build treatment plans, and even use our responsive online charting platform! Best of all, you can create your own charts or use our templates. Our EMR is as customizable as you need.

Maximum Security

We take security seriously. All our servers are stored in secure facilities within Canada that are monitored 24/7. We use 256-bit SSL encryption to secure the connection between the user and our servers. Each server facility is securely managed and has only restricted access to registered staff. These facilities run redundant ISP, redundant power, and state of the art fire suppression and cooling systems.